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Bathroom remodeling projects can make your bathroom more functional and beautiful. They can also add value to your home. They’re quite a popular renovation project among homeowners. However, if this is your first time taking on a project of this scope, you might not be sure what to expect. Fortunately, we at Nikao Construction want to share our guide to the bathroom remodel process.

What are the bathroom remodel steps?

On average, most bathroom makeovers take 2-3 weeks, though you can expect to spend closer to two months for a complete bathroom overhaul. Here’s a general list of what happens with a complete remodel:

  • Remove the fixtures and gut it
  • Install the new shower and/or tub
  • Lay the new flooring
  • Drywall and painting
  • Install cabinets, counters, and vanity
  • Update lighting
  • Hook up plumbing and add finishing touches

Whether the scope of your project is large or small, Nikao Construction offers the bathroom renovation process to best suit your needs.

Bathroom Renovation Process

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, it’s important not to rush the project. It’s important to think ahead and have a detailed plan first.

If you’re ready to bring your bathroom ideas to life, turn to Nikao Construction. We’ve been providing homeowners in the Portland area with outstanding service and exceptional proficiency with regard to bathroom remodels. Give us a call today to schedule your personal consultation. We’ll help guide you in the right direction, let you know which ideas are the most in line with your space and budget, and provide you with the bathroom of your dreams!

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Bathroom Remodel Steps in Portland OR

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