Remodeling can be complicated – but it doesn’t have to be. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get!

Our normal business hours are 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Saturday

When you work with Nikao Construction for your remodeling or new construction, we follow the same process for every client we work with. Our team starts first with the initiation, planning and design. After that’s done, we go about executing the project. Throughout the build, we’ll monitor its progress until we eventually reach completion, and you are able to enjoy your home improvements!

Yes, we do. Please give us a call at (971) 444-6577 to schedule a free estimate for your project.

The cost of your construction project depends on the location of the site and the square footage of the area being added or remodeled. There are also the building materials used to take into consideration, as well as any fixtures that need to be purchased and time spent installing them. For a new addition, homeowners can expect to pay $100-$155 per square foot of construction. This is only an estimate, of course. You can schedule an initial consultation with a professional from Nikao construction to receive an exact price quote for your project.

The standard practice is to get a quote from three different contractors, maybe more depending on the scope of the project. If you’re looking to meet a certain price range or any other specific goal, you’ll also benefit from gathering estimates from multiple contractors. At Nikao Construction we believe that you can’t be too careful when it comes to choosing a reputable, licensed company to perform your home improvement project.

Nikao Construction sometimes employs subcontractors for certain, more specialized areas of a project, such as electrical or plumbing work. We utilize a small number of reputable, experienced subcontractors that we’ve worked with for years. If it doesn’t fall under Nikao Construction’s direct scope of work, our subcontractors are also the ones that arrange for the permits to cover the work that they do. 

Whether or not your project will require a building permit depends on the city and county you live in as well as the type of project. If a building permit is needed, we will be responsible for getting it and the cost of the permit will be included in our quote. If a more specific type of permit is needed, for example, electrical or plumbing, we typically have one of our trusted subcontractors perform this specialized work. If a permit is needed for this work, the subcontractor is responsible for obtaining the permit.

The length of your construction process depends on the size and scope of the project in question. A whole house remodel may take up to ten months for a smaller property, while we may work on a larger home for up to fifteen months. On the other hand, if you’re looking to redesign a room in your property (Such as the kitchen), Nikao Construction can execute the project in anywhere between three weeks and four months. It’s safe to say that quicker does not necessarily mean better when it comes to remodeling your home, but our team will make sure we work as efficiently as possible.

From drawings and revisions to zoning and building approvals, home construction involves a lot of prep work before anyone on our team ever picks up a tool. It’s called preconstruction, a vital part of the planning for any construction project. Along with the estimated work time, we suggest allowing three months for paperwork and inspections.

While we always aim to deliver a project on (or under) budget, there are certain scenarios that make that difficult. This includes change orders that adjust the service or add more components, unexpected structural changes, or the effort required to fix previous construction mistakes. Regardless of what happens, our team will keep you updated, in the event that the work required and, as a result, the price changes.

If you’re looking to create a home addition through Nikao Construction, you should make sure to look into any city or county codes or ordinances that apply to your residence. It’s important that any additions to your home don’t stretch outside the boundaries of your property, including any possible easements. Depending on where you live and your project, there may also be height restrictions.

Some people have their dream home redesign planned to the letter before they even dial our number. If you are only vaguely sure, or not at all certain of what you want, Nikao Construction offers design assistance for any construction project for your property. With the help of our team, we can create a stylish and functional space you and your household will be happy to live in!

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